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We help IT businesses dramatically improve their performance. We call this Winning in IT.

What our clients say about us

Kelvin was fantastic in helping us figure out how to construct and value a partnership with a global company. He has a very unique and pragmatic way of looking at a problem from many different angles and identifying solutions.

Neil Daly, Skin Analytics

“Kelvin was incredibly helpful and provided me with great knowledge, insight and thought provocation which helped me immensely in deciding the direction I want to take my business. “

Tom Norman,

“I must say what a huge pleasure it’s been to work with you these past few months. Single-handed, you’ve retrieved the reputation of management consultants!”

Dave Farquharson, Business Development Manager, Steria

“One of the best business developers/consultants that I have ever met”

Andy Lucas, Partner, SNR Denton

“Quality of his work, particularly written work, has been of the highest quality, and he has bought significant, and invaluable, added value to the project.”

Andy Waters, Project Manager, National Policing Agency

“Kelvin’s skills in the commercial and IT area were invaluable to the timely and to budget delivery of the procurement process.”

Murray Leach, IT Programme Director, Ministry of Justice

“Kelvin has brought real value to the HSSU Project outside of his direct remit and acted as a great sounding board for the effective management of the programme.”

Peter Goddard, Director, Nuffield Hospitals

“His enthusiasm, drive and consistency was a key factor in delivering to time and required standard. I believe he is an outstanding individual and a collaborator of tremendous value.”

Mael Cornic, Business Development Manager, Steria


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From project turnarounds to business startups, we deliver dramatic results for our clients


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Winning in the Public Sector

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G-Cloud Whitepaper

Winning on G-Cloud

Most suppliers on G-Cloud never take a single order, wasting time and effort getting a place on a framework but no customers. Learn how to make the most of this unique sales channel.

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Winning Proposals

Winning Proposals

From the Executive Summary to pricing for the full deal, learn the seven steps to producing consistent, winning proposals.

Sales and Business Development

Sales and Business Development

Demystifying sales and business development to its core – a set of habits and skills that anyone can learn

Agile Procurement

Agile Procurement

Conventional procurement doesn’t work in an agile world. How do you negotiate or manage a contract if the requirement is SUPPOSED to change throughout development and delivery? How do you select a supplier objectively, if the key criteria is that they have to “work well” with your team? Find out here.

Winning Business in the Public Sector

Winning Business in the Public Sector

Most businesses waste their time bidding for public sector contracts they can never win. Learn how successful companies cut through public sector red tape and grow.

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