Two Procurement Technology Advances that Could Make a Big Difference to Suppliers and Buyers

This article was originally published on the Spend Matters Network on 27th April 2016 As we said in our introduction, it’s Procurement Technology month at Spend Matters UK. We mentioned that, in our opinion, the public sector may be falling further behind private sector best practice in terms of technology uptake and in terms of […]

Maintaining Service Continuity When A Major Supplier Goes Bust

This article was originally published in November 15 by In-Procurement I still have a wry smile when I read a termination clause like this. “A party to this Agreement may terminate this Agreement by providing 30 days’ notice in writing in the event that bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings are brought against the other party, or […]

How Was It For You? A Market Perspective on the PSN Frameworks

The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) recently released what is likely to be the last set of tender information about the PSN Services and Connectivity Frameworks. In future, CCS is pushing all of its customers to use the Network Services Framework. Given this, I thought it would be useful to do a short review of the […]

Digital Government Has Forgotten The Basics Of Marketing

This white paper, commissioned by HTK Software, provides insight on how public sector service providers can use marketing best practice to deliver real innovation and value from Digital Services. For more information, contact HTK. They are the experts! Digital Marketing – The Key to Public Sector Channel Shift

Agile Or Not: Public Sector IT Projects Are Still Being Set Up To Fail

This article was originally published in Project Manager Today in October 2014. I’m getting really bored of Agile. Let me explain why. Every title for every conference and paper relating to public sector IT has to be agile at the moment. Agile Development, Agile Project Management, Agile Governance, Agile Trousers. Well, maybe not Agile Trousers. The Agile […]

Back to the Future for Public Sector IT Procurement

See the link below for a joint article in Supply Management written with a good friend and colleague of mine – Andy Lucas. Back to the Future The cabinet office’s recent information note of 25 July 2013 gave an update on the proposed changes to EU procurement rules. According to the note, the alterations […]

PASC Note – Barriers to the procurement of Agile Delivery Services 29 06 11 Final

In 2011 I teamed up with top lawyer Susan Atkinson to submit evidence to the Public Administration Select Committee’s inquiry into the procurement of IT services in the public sector. Our theme was the need to change both the approach used by government to procure IT – reducing the barriers to entry and cost of […]

Getting the Little Guys In Doc

As part of my work to improve the value for money that UK taxpayers obtain from IT, I undertake occasional lobbying and press work.  This paper, produced in collaboration with the Agile Delivery Network, advocates the establishment of an electronic marketplace through which individual public sector authorities could select and appoint small and medium sized […]