Turning Targets into Commitments

All service providers say that they provide a good service. All customers expect them to turn those words into contractual commitments, usually to a service credit or performance regime. How can service providers ensure that they take on the right level of commercial risk when committing to service levels? How can customers ensure that the […]

How Can We Make the Procurement Process More Agile

The challenge : How do we deliver projects twice as fast for half the money and twice the performance? Especially when constrained by procurement rules and traditional contracts that can inhibit, rather than help? How Can We Make the Procurement Process More Agile 31 Oct 2011.pptx The problem for traditional procurement, particularly in the public sector, […]

Making the Market – A Guide to Getting the Best Guests to Your Party

When organisations set out to outsource, or to retender their existing sourcing arrangements, they face a common challenge: how to persuade the most capable bidders to invest in pursuing their business (and how to dissuade those who are less capable). This may sound like a peculiar concern.  After all, you are setting out a tender […]

Evaluation Method – Agile Software Development

Agile software development is increasingly popular, but the market is fragmented with many hundreds of small suppliers.  In addition, large systems integrators have been criticised for claiming agile credentials, without necessarily having the culture, skills and real track record to deliver. This method, reproduced by kind permission of Nigel Kelly from www.processfour.com provides a template […]

Evaluation Method – Agile Software Development – Scoring Sheet