Is Central Planning of Public Sector IT the Problem?

The Universal Credit Programme has received yet another damning critique, this time from the NAO. Brian Wernham’s excellent analysis provides for some depressing, but familiar reading. Knocking government IT projects is great fun, but sometimes feels a bit too easy. There are so many targets to aim at! You can assume, with 100% confidence, that […]

What’s the secret to success on G-Cloud?

In 2011 the government established a framework contract called G-Cloud. G-Cloud was intended to act as a marketplace for public authorities to buy cloud IT services, including application development, hosting and subscription software. Qualifying suppliers were listed in an online catalogue called the Cloudstore, and any public body could purchase from it. In 2013 the […]

Compliance – A brick wall, built at taxpayers expense, to restrict competition in the public sector marketplace

The requirement for standards compliance distorts the competitive landscape for public sector ICT. I want to explain how this works in a bit more detail here using information security as an example, as it is one of the systemic reasons why the oligopoly came into being. Each public authority that wants to buy an IT system has to […]