Building a High Performing Commercial Team

The Challenge

o2-logoO2 built a new fixed and managed services business, from a standing start in April 2011 to £45m in revenue in less than 18 months. The commercial finance team was too small to support the level of growth that was being achieved. Processes, organisation and systems were all struggling to cope with the volume of work.

What We Did

  • Designed and recruited a commercial team that was capable of supporting dramatic growth, moving from 5 heads to 12 over the course of the year whilst maintaining high performance
  • Drove new business and revenue opportunities, working with sales and delivery teams to maximise revenue and margin and to mitigate commercial risk
  • Led the definition and implementation of a new logistics and supply chain capability, following the bankruptcy of a key trading partner
  • Put in place a robust, auditable pricing capability to ensure greater quality and consistency of pricing for Unify products and services

The Value

  • Revenue grew by 36% year on year to over £70m
  • Collectively, the team built an internal reputation for outstanding performance. They topped the internal charts in terms of recognition awards both from senior executives and their peers
  • The quality and consistency of pricing (as measured by errors identified during order implementation and time to quote) improved by 75%
  • Margin on new business increased in each quarter, without compromising on win rate
  • Sustainable improvement. Through coaching, organisation development and process implementation, the new team became self sufficient and able to develop in its own right. As the capability matured, we implemented a structured succession plan and handover