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How Can We Make the Procurement Process More Agile

The challenge : How do we deliver projects twice as fast for half the money and twice the performance? Especially when constrained by procurement rules and traditional contracts that can inhibit, rather than help?

How Can We Make the Procurement Process More Agile 31 Oct 2011.pptx

The problem for traditional procurement, particularly in the public sector, is that by the time a procurement exercise has been conducted, the requirement has changed or evolved. The problem with traditional contracting approaches is that lawyers’ desire for legal certainty in the contract and its administration does not reflect the real world context of the project i.e. rapid change with very little certainty. It is trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

This presentation at the NAO Conference on Agile Procurement examines the challenges and opportunities for delivering more effective procurement for public sector IT, and proposes the key measures and frameworks that need to be established.