CCS is NOT Slapping SME’s with Price Hikes

Sometimes, press coverage of public sector procurement makes me weep, its so awful. Here is another example. The Register leads with the headline: “Crown Commercial Services is to slap SMEs with price hikes“ The article provides commentary about how CCS “pockets fees from government funding”, as though the staff are somehow siphoning the money away into […]

What Does Brexit Mean for UK Public Procurement?

So, we voted to go. No one knows whether the parting will have sweet or sorrowful results; but we can be sure that there will be plenty of work for lawyers and civil servants to untangle the complex relationships between EU and UK law. One area close to my heart is the Public Contract Regulations, […]

Two Procurement Technology Advances that Could Make a Big Difference to Suppliers and Buyers

This article was originally published on the Spend Matters Network on 27th April 2016 As we said in our introduction, it’s Procurement Technology month at Spend Matters UK. We mentioned that, in our opinion, the public sector may be falling further behind private sector best practice in terms of technology uptake and in terms of […]

Maintaining Service Continuity When A Major Supplier Goes Bust

This article was originally published in November 15 by In-Procurement I still have a wry smile when I read a termination clause like this. “A party to this Agreement may terminate this Agreement by providing 30 days’ notice in writing in the event that bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings are brought against the other party, or […]

What Goes on the Framework, Stays on the Framework

There’s a major problem in public sector procurement, which is the lack of transparency about what is being spent, by whom, on what, with whom. You wouldn’t think that transparency would be an issue if you looked on the websites for public bodies. Public procurement is ringed with rules and regulations, mostly mandated by the […]

How Was It For You? A Market Perspective on the PSN Frameworks

The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) recently released what is likely to be the last set of tender information about the PSN Services and Connectivity Frameworks. In future, CCS is pushing all of its customers to use the Network Services Framework. Given this, I thought it would be useful to do a short review of the […]

A Billion Here, A Billion There…

… pretty soon you’re talking real money * Sometime in the last month the cumulative spend on G-Cloud passed the £1Bn mark (it hit £903m at the end of November 2015). This is a milestone worth celebrating for customers and suppliers alike. GCloud has been in operation for a little over five years now, and […]

One Third of Public ICT Spend Goes Through Contracts Finder

I was inspired to do a bit of research after reading and excellent article by Peter Smith of Spend Matters here. As a result of the updated procurement regulations in the UK, all public bodies are required to publish their opportunities with a value of >£10k on Contracts Finder. In theory, this makes it much easier for […]

Why Do You Persistently, Stubbornly, Stupidly Refuse to Answer the Question?

(or, how to provide constructive feedback on a bid) This article is intended for executives who have to undertake red team reviews of tender responses. It will help you understand why your highly skilled teams can sometimes turn out gibberish that would embarrass a 6 year old. Red Team – Red Mist When you get involved in […]

The Dead Phones

I know a building in Whitehall where the government works. It’s a big concrete office block that you might pass by without really looking at it (if you work in London, that is). In this building there are something like 2,000 desk phones. They sit, silent, unwanted and unloved. They are the dead phones. I […]