Shock news – Public Sector IT Projects Getting Better

A bit of comfort for beleaguered project managers in the public sector. Despite what the press may suggest, things are getting better. This article, published just a few days ago by ITProPortal starts with a shock headline: “NAO warns of chronic failure of major government projects”. Apparently, the NAO have warned that “37 of the […]

You Can’t Use a Contractual Hammer to Crack a Management Nut…

Government Digital Service has recently released an updated contract for use in the Digital Services and Specialists Framework (the replacement for the Digital Services Framework 2). One of the things that they are doing, which I fully support, is simplifying the terms and conditions that are used by public sector buyers. They claim to have […]

Do You Have Promotophobia? Becoming aware of your Fear of Self Marketing

I’ve been working as an independent consultant, helping IT companies win business in the public sector, for a little over 10 years now. Before that I worked for five years at PA Consulting, a great firm then, and a great firm now. The reason I joined PA (as opposed to any other consultancy firm) was because […]

Digital Government Has Forgotten The Basics Of Marketing

This white paper, commissioned by HTK Software, provides insight on how public sector service providers can use marketing best practice to deliver real innovation and value from Digital Services. For more information, contact HTK. They are the experts! Digital Marketing – The Key to Public Sector Channel Shift

Single vs. Multi-Supplier for Telecoms Services?

I was prompted to write this following a discussion with a senior manager in the Crown Commercial Service, where we debated the pros and cons of single supplier vs. multi-supplier procurement strategies. I was advocating a single supplier approach and he made the case for multi-supplier (as you would expect a good procurement manager to do). The debate was robust, but […]

Suffering from Competitive Dialogue Fatigue? We Can Help…

Tired? Stressed? Uncertain about where you are meant to be tomorrow morning? Struggling with document overload? Maybe you have Competitive Dialogue fatigue. Competitive Dialogue was one of the hot topics in public sector procurement when it was introduced at the end of 2006. It quickly acquired a reputation as the “go-to” procedure for complex IT […]

What Is A Real “Must Win” Opportunity?

These are the most dangerous words in any sales campaign.  They are on a par with the investor’s suicide note “this time is different”. The problem with the language of “must-win” is that it blinds people to the dangers involved in bidding.  Both the sales team and, if they aren’t careful, sales managers, can spend […]

Can I Quote You On That? How to get your customers to tell your story in the public sector

  “we can’t go ahead with the marketing campaign because we need approval of the customer case study” Sound familiar? This post looks at how to get your customers to tell your story in the public sector. Every sales and marketing professional knows the importance of a good customer testimonial. No matter how much you […]

Why G-Cloud Is A Success

There’s been a bit of debate recently about whether or not G-Cloud is a success. Opinions seem to vary between those who argue that its good because it opens up the market to smaller cloud service providers; and those who observe that G-Cloud actually isn’t used for purchasing cloud services at all, and so must […]

When It Comes To IT Security, I Know My Place

In his book Antifragility, Nicholas Taleb warns of the problems that occur in any industry where an expert or agent has incentives that are in conflict with those of those they are meant to advise. For example. in financial services agents may be incentivised through commission payments to recommend products that are more expensive for […]