New Blood, Where Have You Gone?

Departments in the public sector have been under austerity for a few years, and the recent NAO office report shows that they have achieved some considerable savings on Staff Costs. Payroll is one of the largest costs for all public sector bodies, so its unsurprising to see that this is one of the areas that […]

The Top 5 Reasons Why You Have To Woo The Market

When organisations set out to outsource, or to retender their existing sourcing arrangements, they face a common challenge: how to persuade the most capable bidders to invest in pursuing their business (and how to dissuade those who are less capable from wasting their time as well as yours). This may sound like a peculiar concern. […]

Why are so many suppliers wasting their time on G-Cloud?

The figures are sobering. Over 1000 suppliers have expended time and money on G-Cloud submissions without receiving a single penny in revenue. @DuvalEdward says its because they sit and wait for the phone to ring. Maybe so, but the situation facing most suppliers entering the public sector is daunting. 50 Professional Buying Organisation, hundreds of […]

First or Last – I Don’t Care! I Just Don’t Want The Saggy Middle

A Bidder Who Is Evaluated First Or Last Has An Advantage I regularly get involved in helping with tender evaluation and downselection decisions, attending interviews and supplier presentations and moderating the evaluation scores from the customer team. Tender evaluation processes need to be managed against a consistent set of scoring criteria, and have to be applied […]

The Hidden Purpose of Public Procurement – Its Not Just About Savings

I’ve just finished reading John Seddon’s The Whitehall Effect, which was published towards the end of 2014 and summarises a range of evidence about how public services can be configured to deliver better outcomes for citizens. I think that this is one of the most important books on public services published this decade. If you […]

Winning on G-Cloud and the Digital Marketplace

Have you wasted money bidding for a place on the G-Cloud Framework? You are not alone. There are a total of 1,852 suppliers registered on the G-Cloud frameworks, advertising some 19,966 services. However, only 476 suppliers had actually taken an order, for a little over 1,000 services. The other 1,376 suppliers have expended energy and money on […]

Why a government approved ICT model was a foolish idea to start with

There has been extensive debate about the abandonment, or non-abandonment of the tower model for ICT provision. Alex Holmes of Government Digital Service published a post on this in February 2015. This led to (amongst other things) a protest from TechUK that it represented a major change of policy that had not been consulted on. The […]

The Curse of the Framework Bid

How do you decide whether to bid on a framework competition? Frameworks are widely used in the public sector to procure goods and services. They offer a number of benefits for the buyer. They can be an efficient way of awarding contracts that comply with the procurement regulations. They provide assurance that suppliers have met a […]

72.4% of Ants Prefer Red Leicester

..and other lessons in survey design. Surveys and market research are prone to some horrible examples of bad science (or non-science, for that matter). See this for an example of a totally pointless poll. I defy anyone to find any meaning in the results. So, how do you ensure that you are getting information that has […]

The Surprising Location of Public Sector Waste

Every day there will be articles published highlighting the waste or supposed mismanagement in the public sector. One of the main reasons that you see so much about it is the fact that public bodies are subject to scrutiny and oversight in a way that private companies aren’t. Regular National Audit Office reports and Public […]