Procurement Strategy

Can you get the best from the market?

IT products and services are, by their nature, complex and difficult to manage; particularly in the public sector. Many organisations let IT contracts that offer the promise of significant value, but which actually result in increased cost and reduced flexibility when implemented.

But continuing to use legacy IT systems isn’t a great choice for most organisations. How can you get the best from the market without taking on disproportionate risk?

We provide a focus on value delivery from IT procurement, based on experience advising on some of the largest procurement projects in the UK.

The heart of our approach is the Agile Procurement Strategy, which recognises that the procurement and contracting model that is used for IT must be adaptable as the technology changes. Market Making and a structured approach to supplier engagement allows you to test the art of the possible, before applying the constraints of a full competitive process. We focus on Getting the Requirement Right – understanding the difference between output and outcome, and designing change into the requirements themselves. Finally, our experience of Negotiating the Deal will ensure that the contract is rigorous, adaptable and, above all, can be understood by those who are tasked with managing it.

Though a health warning is needed here: this approach is NOT designed for commodity purchasing. Its about aligning strategic objectives, rewarding only on the delivery of tangible value and the ability to adapt to a changing environment.

Case Study: NPIA

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