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When it comes to bid writing, size matters

I’m talking about screen size, of course. Here’s a quick question: do you prepare or review bids using a laptop?

Yes? I’m guessing that’s most people. However, if you want to get bids done better and quicker, the most effective investment you make may not be in bid authoring tools, or collaboration software.

You probably just need a bigger screen.

This study showed dramatic improvements in text and spreadsheet editing tasks depending on screen size.

Now, this research was sponsored by NEC, who had a pretty big vested interest in selling monitors, so a certain amount of skepticism is justified.

However, the evidence is pretty clear that people are both faster and less likely to make errors when editing using a larger screen. By larger, I mean up to about 24″, the productivity gain tails off if the screen is much bigger, presumably because the temptation to watch movies instead of work becomes to strong…

For this reason I keep a 22″ monitor in the back of my car and make sure that I use it when working on major bids or reviewing draft submissions.

It also minimises eye strain!