Winning in the Public Sector

The newsletter will provide monthly insight for people involved in winning business in the public sector IT. Public Sector IT is big and complicated, its easy to waste enormous amounts of time trying to develop business without success.

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Our focus is on frameworks for Digital Infrastructure (networking, telecommunications and cloud infrastructure). So, each month we will look at.

  1. Buyer Activity. Who is using the frameworks, and what types of things are they buying?
  2. Framework Watch. Major contracts and frameworks that are due to come to market
  3. Business Development Insights. Ideas, interviews and links to information that we find useful in working with the public sector.

The data is drawn from public sources, principally the professional buying organisations responsible for each framework. However, we do some cleansing and validation of the data to remove any obvious areas of inaccuracy.

If you want to know more, or to discuss your own plans to develop public sector business please contact us.