We deliver dramatic results for our clients. These services are most appropriate for organisations that are facing a major challenge, and need to supplement their existing team at short notice.

Are you betting the business on a must win bid?

The bid costs for major IT contracts can run to millions of pounds, and there’s no prize for second place.  A winning response has to be clear, concise, compelling and, above all, deliverable at a profit.

For the largest and most complex deals, there may not be sufficient experience or capacity in the current team to execute flawlessly, whilst supporting your existing pipeline.

We provide focused leadership of the bid process covering all aspects of the process, including.

  • Market Analysis and Strategy Development
  • Pre-Tender Engagement
  • Qualification
  • Tender Response
  • Post-Tender Negotiation
  • Transition
  • Retender Strategy

Case Study: Winning Foundation Customers for O2

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Programme delivery

Delivering IT-enabled change programmes is simple in principle, but incredibly difficult in practice.  We provide leadership for major programmes involving:

  • establishment of new business structures and processes
  • rescue of strategic initiatives that have failed, or are at high risk
  • large multi-disciplinary teams working across multiple geographies
  • high levels of board or public scrutiny

Case Study: Nuffield Hospitals


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