Executive Briefings

One Page Ahead

“you don’t need to read the whole book, you just need to be one page ahead…”

On the first day of the first consulting assignment I undertook, I was terrified. For reasons I didn’t fully understand at the time, the client had been told that I was an expert in communications and website design. In fact, what I had actually done was design one website, and produce one communications plan. I felt like anything but an expert, and confided to one of my more experienced colleagues that I had been hastily reading every book on the subject the night before.

“Don’t worry,” was the reply, “you don’t need to have read the whole book, you just need to be one page ahead of the client.”

He was right.

Although true mastery of a field can take many years, you can keep one page ahead with our briefings.

We condense key issues down into executive briefings lasting no more than an hour, on the following topics:

  • Winning in the Public Sector
    For managers and executives who are planning to enter the public sector marketplace, this focussed one-hour briefing introduces the key concepts and critical success factors required to build your business to the largest buyer in the UK.
  • Sales for non-Sales People
    An astonishing number of content experts struggle to learn how to win business, even though their operating talents are outstanding. This can be a career limiting problem for the individual, and a huge loss of opportunity for their employer. This primer shows why sales is just another skill that anyone can learn.
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