Public Sector Strategy Workshop

Stop Wasting Time

The vast majority of effort expended on selling to the public sector is wasted, with suppliers chasing business they cannot win, or expending effort getting onto frameworks that result in no sales. For example, as of 1 April 2014 less than 3% of the suppliers on the government G-Cloud framework have actually received a purchase order for any of their services. Given average bid costs of £50,000 to get onto this particular framework, this represents a huge waste of money for the unsuccessful suppliers.

Understanding the market for your goods and services is more important in the public sector than the private because of the lead times and sustained investment required to close business.

Are you getting the right return on your sales investment in the public sector?

Public Sector Strategy Workshop

This tailored event is ideal for

  • businesses that are contemplating entering the public sector for the first time
  • businesses that want to improve their returns from their existing investment in the public sector

Kelvin has advised some of the world’s largest (and smallest) businesses on how to develop their public sector business. He has successfully advised and led on public sector contracts with a cumulative value of over £3Bn. With his expertise combined with your products and services, this focussed day will educate your team on the key issues involved in selling to the public sector, and provide a structured approach to developing your strategy for future success.

The result of this workshop will be a greater awareness and understanding of the public sector market, an appreciation of the potential routes to market and an action plan to develop a coherent go to market strategy.

Format and Logistics

The format of the day is as follows:

am – education and awareness building

– introductions
– you present: business objectives and aspirations for the public sector. (see prep)

Understanding the public sector market
– public bodies and purchasing entities
– buying agencies
– video case study: SME market entry and growth


– EU procurement rules: a very high level overview
– Frameworks and direct contracts
– the public sector sales formula
– case study: ERP software sales failure

Lunch (tailored to suit individual organisations)

pm – discussion and debate

– you present: hypothesis testing (see prep) OR if no hypotheses available…
– group discussion:
– what routes to market are most likely to be viable for your business?
– what sectors are most likely to be accessible
– what market information needs to be in place to make decisions?

Planning your approach to market
– Market analysis and sources of information
– Minimum threshold of capability. What do you have to prove
– qualify in to a target framework
– win more than you lose
– case study: role of lobbying in opening doors to new markets

Next Steps


The event can be held either on your premises or off-site (additional accommodation fees may be applicable). The ideal number of participants is between 4-8.

Planning and Dependencies

Prior to the event we will hold a short teleconference to plan the day. You will need to prepare and share the following with me at least one week in advance:

  • a summary of your business objectives and aspirations for the public sector market
  • a candid assessment of your current strengths and weaknesses
  • a list of the key questions and hypotheses that you want to test. You don’t need a long list of evidence, gut feel is fine. But there must be some meat against which the discussion can take place

I will adjust the running order and format of the session based on this.

I will be responsible for the all other materials required for the workshop. You will be responsible for documenting the output and agreed action plan.

Next Steps

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